Lottery receipts arriving in Italy: how it works


Lottery receipts arriving in Italy: how it works

Lottery receipts arriving in Italy: how it works
In combating tax evasion we need to find innovative solutions. After the experiences of Portugal, China, Greece and Taiwan, also Italy is preparing to activate Lottery of receipts. Let's see what it is
09/02 / 2017AlicePartita VAT Reading time: 2 mins 45 secs
As of March 1, 2017, also in Italy begins the lottery tax receipts: experimental proposal of a budget draft bill already passed the House for parliamentary approval, which affects all purchases made by private individuals traceable by credit and debit cards .
Going into the specifics of the matter, the hypothesis of the new plan is that tax receipts for the purchase of goods or services by citizens to enable them to participate in a prize draw.
Operation of lottery tax receipts
The buyer provides the tax code to the operator and the latter, in addition to exercising the option for the electronic filing of charges, must submit to the tax authorities of the transaction purchase information with which the taxpayer takes part in the lottery receipts.
Please also note that participation in this lottery it is then always in the presence of unrelated business operation purchases, but certified by invoice. Even invoices are sent via the Inland Revenue electronically.
In general line we know that:
regarding merchants involved, can join any of them choose the option of electronic invoicing given by the Italian Legislative Decree 127/2015;
while for buyers, those who pay with a traceable system like credit or debit cards have 1/5 of the chance of the win than people who pay with paper money.
The reason for its activation
The primary purpose of the lottery of receipts is to minimize evasion, while pushing the digitization of business from the point of view of electronic invoicing and electronic filing of charges.
Considering the examples of Portugal, China, Greece and Taiwan, similar experiments are certainly not new, but as the saying goes, "the country that go Romans do": although lotteries of this kind have already been used in other parts of the world, each country adopts its own rules.
For now we do not know which road to take Italy (in terms of available awards, extraction methods, etc.), But in fact we know for sure that the states that have adopted such strategies have increased tax revenues concretely.
Opinions of the National Confederation of Crafts on the initiative
Although the CNA has doubts on lottery operation dedicated to fiscal receipts (for example, wants to know how the consumer can check whether the operator has actually transmitted the transaction to the tax authorities), however, it shows some optimism towards him.
The National Confederation of Crafts on the assumption that the Italian population is a lover of risk and that last year the difference in spending for the purchase of food products and activities related to the game was only 40 billion euro (135 in the first case and 95 in the second).
The hypothesis of the CNA is that the lottery of receipts eliminate part of the underground economy and favors at the same time the recovery of consumption: all eventualities yet to be verified that, though, if materialized, would improve greatly the national situation.
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